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  • Failed Content Marketing Strategies Will Destroy SEO Value

    The Internet has become much more than just transmission of data. It is a marketplace, a social gathering place, a showcase for talent and innovation, and countless other significant connection points for people all over the world. While many companies have worked hard to claim their corner of digital real estate, the online community is […]
  • Top 10 Strategies to Increase PPC Conversions

    PPC is as much about maintenance and development as it is about establishment. So if you think that simply putting up a good PPC campaign will ensure you the top slot for years to come, you could not be more wrong.  This is also the reason why bigger firms tend to hire PPC companies who […]
  • 301 Redirects & Canonical URL Tutorial

    Test Your Redirects with Our Redirect Tool: How to use canonical and server side redirects for SEO When you move a file on your server you want to be certain that you pass the proper redirect directive to the browsers and more importantly, the Search Engines. The 301 redirect is the only redirect we recommend […]
  • Catching Up on Search in 2012

    Since my last post on search engine market shares in 2008, Google’s dominance in the U.S. and worldwide markets has only risen to even loftier heights. However, with signals in place that 2012 could see once vital Yahoo lose even more ground to Google and Bing, which didn’t yet exist in 2008, it’s worth a […]
  • Search Engine Optimization 2009 Trends – Past, Present & Future

    This year makes 10 years that I personally have been optimizing sites. That being said it also marks a point where SEO is becoming a flooded market with every Joe Schmoe able to be an SEO professional and every large SEO firm hiring every Tom, Dick and Harry, not that I do not like large […]