FireFox 2 – Light Speed Ahead for SEO’s on a Mac

We just installed the Mac version of FireFox, and after a snail version which got hung up on every corner, we are happy to report a screaming fast version in 2.0.

Firefox is screaming around every corner and appears faster than Camino, Flock, and Safari by a long shot.  It feels like we have a faster internet connection.

We have a right click spell checker and underlines like in Microsoft’s Office. Prior posts in this blog all involved copying and pasting our text to another application for spell checking. Now its right in FireFox, making it a better tool for blogging.

All our SEO Plugins and tool bars work well in version two so there was no loss like the switch between v1 and v1.5.

We recommend that every Mac user upgrade to v2 for a lightning fast web browsing experience.

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